About Us

FaroArt was established in 2020.

The first picture book “”Elli – The Little Girl With The Big Hair”” was initially released in Bulgaria. The text was written by Faro, and the wonderful illustrations by Kalina Muhova.

A year later, the book was published in English, thanks to the successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, in November 2021.

And the ocean would smile a little smile…


Our mission is to create beautiful stories that delight, inspire and teach children.

If you want to contact us you can email us at contact@faroart.com

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Critics Reviews
Kikstarter Award
A Beautiful Universe

Faro's book speaks with words, but also with unique illustrations.

A colorful jewel

The story and the illustrations gives you opportunity to add to it at each reading.

A Phantasmagorical Tale

Faro's approach is refracting everything through the prism of children's fantasy.

A Fascinating Story

Over there the ocean is the parent, and its waves are stilled and calm.


Stanimira Proinovska

Great little book!
And really cool illustrations!


Nicoleta Ivanova

Elli is wonderful!
Beautiful illustrations and a gentle story, one of the best children’s books this year!


Stefan Petrov

A very beautiful children’s book. Wish it was longer!
I am pleasantly surprised by this new book, Faro has written a wonderful text, the quality is very high and the illustrations are fabulous!


Sonia Ivv

Elli is great!
I bought it as a gift for an Elli and it was a hit!



I really like this project and its the sort of thing that should get backed, well done on creating something amazing.

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