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Elli – The Little Girl With The Big Hair

A magical story written by Faro and beautifully illustrated by Kalina Muhova. Suitable for all young children 3 to 6-years-old and up.

About us


FaroArt was established in 2020.

The first picture book ”Elli – The Little Girl With The Big Hair” was initially released in Bulgaria. The text was written by Faro, and the wonderful illustrations by Kalina Muhova.

A year later, the book was published in English, thanks to the successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, in November 2021.

A Beautiful Universe

Faro's book speaks with words, but also with unique illustrations.

A colorful jewel

The story and the illustrations gives you opportunity to add to it at each reading.

A Fascinating Story

Over there the ocean is the parent, and its waves are stilled and calm.

A Phantasmagorical Tale

Faro's approach is refracting everything through the prism of children's fantasy.

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Elli's Special Place

A little girl with hair so BIG – a curly whirly jumble, but if not combed well each day, can even make the ocean rumble…

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